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Don’t push for links. Pull them in.

Press Pull

Backlinks from authoritative websites are nuggets of pure SEO gold. To get hold of them, our experience tells us that the traditional methods just don’t cut it anymore. That’s why we’ve developed our own way of doing things - the Blue Array way.

Press Pull

Introducing Press Pull® – a Blue Array product that turns digital PR on its head.

It’s PR – but not as you know it

We all know how traditional PR works. You or your PR agency writes up a story and pushes it out to journalists in the hope that someone might pick it up and run with it. The success rate may be low and the ROI in the red, but you keep going because you need any exposure you can get your hands on.

With Press Pull, we change tack completely. As the name suggests, it relies on a ‘pull’ approach to gaining authoritative backlinks for SEO purposes. Rather than pushing stories out to people who aren’t necessarily interested in them, we match your business with journalists who are actively looking for input from companies like yours.

So how does it work?

Press Pull works by using established ‘listening posts’ at press outlets. These allow us to pick up on requests for comment from journalists. We then match these requests with your business, filtering out the noise so that you’re left with press opportunities that are actually relevant to your business and industry.

So what kind of requests might you receive if you were subscribed to Press Pull? Here’s a real-life example:

“Looking for a comment on the rising costs of office space and digital staff in London and whether Berlin is a viable option for a move. Preferably positive/supportive views for remaining in London would be good for us.”

If you’re interested in the opportunity, your response gets reviewed by Press Pull. You’ll get feedback if necessary, and then the finished response gets sent to the journalist. It’s as simple as that.

Fast. Affordable. Effective.

We’ve kept Press Pull affordable by spreading fees and staff overheads across a number of clients. With no contract and no ‘warming up’ period, you can get stuck straight in and start reaping the benefits of subscribing to Press Pull in no time.

Contact us today to discuss your needs or find out more about how your business could benefit from subscribing to Press Pull.